How to Download and Use the Snaptube App?

Snaptube is a great app if you want to download any video or audio content from different platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc.

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It is a simple but effective app with a clean user interface so you don’t have to spend much time figuring it out. Unfortunately, apps that download content on YouTube aren’t allowed in the Google Play Store. You need to download it from somewhere else, which can be worrisome for many.

Snaptube is a trustworthy product with a large user base so you can download it from other sources and install it on your device. This article will provide a detailed guideline on how to complete a Snaptube app download and use it.

Where to Download it From?

As mentioned before, Snaptube isn’t available on Google Play. You need to download the app from other sources but these sources are reliable. Many people have downloaded the app without facing any security issues or virus threats. You can get Snaptube on:

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  • The company’s website directly.
  • Uptodown Store.
  • Aptoide Store.

Snaptube is available on other platforms as well, but these options are officially listed. You can conduct a Google search to determine if the app is available on your preferred platform. If you’re concerned about security, just scan the file before installing. The latest Android operating systems won’t install any application if it deems it unsafe but checking doesn’t hurt and won’t take a long time. Snaptube is security verified by CM Security, Lookout Security, and McAfee, which means you’re unlikely to encounter any problems.

How to Download Snaptube App?

Before you download, make sure you have sufficient memory on your phone and are connected to the internet. This app is a small and lightweight, but you do need storage for any media content you download. Here’s a look at the process:

1. Through their Website

  • Visit the Snaptube app website on your mobile phone browser.
  • Click on the download link that is available on the company’s homepage.
  • If there’s a pop-up window alerting you about the download, just click ‘OK’.
  • If there’s no pop-up window, the Snaptube app download should start automatically.

2. Uptodown

  • Open your Uptodown app or visit the website on your Android phone browser.
    Search for Snaptube app.
  • Click on the download button.
  • You can download the latest version or earlier versions of the platform.

3. Aptoide

  • Open your Aptoide app directly or through your mobile phone’s browser.
  • Search for Snaptube on the search bar.
  • Choose the version of the app you wish to download.
  • Click the download button.

Once the app is downloaded, click to Install and go through the setup process. If you see the ‘Install Blocked’ page, just go to your phone settings and click ‘Unknown Sources’ under the Security tab. That will move the Snaptube file to the download list and you can easily install it from there. This won’t take much of your time and your app will be ready to use promptly.

Snaptube app download is only available for Android phones because the app isn’t designed for iPhones. It won’t work on the iPhone or iPad devices and any version of the app that claims to work on the iOS platform is fake. The only way to install Snaptube on iPhone is to jailbreak the device first.

As you can see, downloading the app is very easy and it is also secure. The experience is similar to downloading an app from Google Play, with just a few additional steps.

How to Use Snaptube?

Once the Snaptube app is securely downloaded and installed, you can start using it immediately. You can see a list of apps on the first page of the app. If you want to download any content, you can:

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  • Click on the tab of your desired platform like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Search the content you wish to download and open the video.
  • Click on the download button that appears on the screen.
  • Choose the format and resolution you desire. Snaptube will offer many options and mention file sizes along with it.
  • Once all the information is selected, you can download the video.

Snaptube allows you to download 10 videos at once so you can save some time. All active downloads are available under the downloads tab. You can also


Snaptube is very good about upgrades and releases a new version of the app regularly. The process isn’t as seamless as updating through the Google Play store. Every time the company releases a new version of the app, they’ll send you a prompt with the needed information and links. You can click on the link an download the latest version of the app.

It is important to keep your app up-to-date because these upgrades include vital security patches and bug fixes. Older versions of the app will not perform as well as the latest versions.

Once the app is downloaded, you can use it on different platforms easily. Sometimes the app can’t download certain videos from YouTube if the user is some as specific country or region. That’s because of the terms and conditions by YouTube. You might be able to find the same video on other platforms like Vimeo with a brief search.